Our adventure with Freedom Trips was fantastic. Gabriel was the BEST! He is the ultimate outdoorsman! He handled our raft navigating down the Sag River with ease! I love his enthusiasm and sense of adventure! A trip of a lifetime to experience the majesty of this beautiful land called the arctic! - Steve Chindgren, Wyoming

If you want an exciting vacation, away from civilization, this is the trip for you. The scenery is outstanding. The folks that run this place have excellent outdoor skills and will be sure that you are well taken care of. My daughter and I went in June, 2014. Ralph was our guide. It was an amazing vacation. - Ann Kling, Pennsylvania

Our float down the River was smooth and well navigated by Gabriel. It was my first river trip and I would choose to float this or another river in a heartbeat with Gabriel as our guide. The beauty of Alaska was shown to us from a different perspective than we would have experienced otherwise. Thanks Gabriel and Freedom Trips!. - Trina Thomson, Utah

As a resident of Alaska, I have always been deeply in love with its wild, majestic beauty. Although I had enjoyed Alaska's many wonderful campgrounds and established trails, I longed for a deeply personal Great Land experience - to stand on a piece of ground and imagine that I was the first to witness the vast, pristine wilderness stretching out before me. Despite a lifetime of outdoor experience, I lacked the self-confidence to undertake a genuine off-trail remote wilderness trek. I hired Gabriel to help me and my two adult sons prepare for just such an adventure. Our goal was to experience a week of off-trail travel through the rugged Alaska Range. Gabriel closely supervised our preparation, which began months in advance. No detail was overlooked. From top-quality gear recommendations to route selection, even fitness training, Gabriel ensured we were fully prepared for a safe and enjoyable journey. Once our hike began, Gabriel instructed us in the fundamentals of old-school wilderness trekking. Route selection, map-to-terrain navigation, mountain pass and river crossings filled our days. At the end of our journey, we were exhausted, yet exhilarated by what can only be described as a full-sensory experience. At long last, I had realized my Alaska wilderness dream.. - Keith Earley, Alaska

Super Guide (Gabriel), tolle Tour, klasse Firma! - Michael Daum, Germany