Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a trip?

Please send us an email with your full name and let us know the trip and date you chose. Tell us the number of fellow travelers if you are coming with a group of people. If you provide us information about each person’s level of fitness, we can give you feedback on the trip you chose or help you find one that fits you or your group better.
After we receive all the information needed for your booking, we will send you an email with a Paypal link where you can use your Paypal account or your credit or debit card to pay the deposit, which is usually 20% of the total trip price. Your trip is booked as soon as we receive the deposit.

What happens after I book a trip?

We will send you an email with detailed information about your itinerary and a gear list. You will pay the balance (the other 80% of the total trip price) via credit card 30 days prior to your arrival.

Do I have to take a guide on my trip?

Yes, all the trips we offer are guided by wilderness experts, there are no exceptions. This is the only way we can maintain our high standards of safety and enjoyment during your trip; also, it makes the success of the trip as likely as possible.

Should I tip my guide?

Tips are very appreciated. Usually people tip between 10-20 percent of their trip’s total price, depending on how satisfied they are with their wilderness experience and their guide’s performance. Keep in mind that ATMs might not be available after your trip, so please plan ahead.

Will you provide food?

Yes, we provide the food for all of our trips – it’s included in the price. Before we take you into the backcountry, you will choose from a variety of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Typically, people take oatmeal for breakfast, granola bars, trail food and other snacks for lunch and Mountain House freeze dried meals for dinner.

Will you provide gear?

For most of our trips we provide all the gear that will be used by the group, such as tents, stoves, rafts etc. – people only bring their personal gear. For packrafting trips, we will provide all the necessary boating gear. Look up our trip’s descriptions to find out about what we provide and what you will need to bring. If you have further questions, please contact us via email or phone. We will also send you a gear list with recommendations after we receive your deposit.

What about prices?

All the prices on our website are per person. This price includes transportation, guiding fee, gear rental, food and (if part of the trip) the stay in accommodations during your time with us. There are no hidden costs. Please note: You are responsible for your flight to Deadhorse or Anchorage.

I am coming with a group of people – will we have the guide to ourselves or will other people be joining our trip?

We understand that groups or families might want to stick with themselves. In that case, email us and we will see what we can do. Typically we can meet your wish if you are coming with a group of six or more people, but, in some cases, if your group has less than six people we may still be able to make it work.

What trip would you recommend?

That depends on you: how much time you have, your level of fitness, your preferred terrain and the time of year you plan on coming. If you are primarily looking for recreation, you should consider our Camp to Camp Excursions, our Photo Adventures or a Rafting Expedition. If you want to go for an ultimate wilderness challenge, you should choose a 10+ day hiking or packrafting trip (or packrafting course). Or, even better, let our guides design a Custom Expedition for you, based on your skills and preferences.

What if something goes wrong?

At Freedom Trips we do our best to make your trip with us a successful and unforgettable journey. Our guides are all well-trained; you will surely be satisfied with their expertise from the first moment on. Still, not everything is in our power. There are basically three things that can compromise the success of a trip with us:
1. Some people overestimate their physical abilities. All our trips do require a certain level of fitness, ranging from moderate to extreme. If you are not sure about your capabilities or the requirements of certain trips, please email us.
2. Our gear list may not be followed. Please follow our gear recommendations, sent to you via email after booking a trip. If you show up with blue jeans, a summer sleeping bag and an umbrella instead of proper rain gear, your trip may not be very enjoyable.
3. Weather. All trips that include a flight with one of our bush planes depend on the weather – if the airstrip lies in fog, we can’t fly. To be on the safe side, you should keep your returning flights flexible. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the weather forces a group to stay in the wilderness longer than expected.

Basically, you join our trips at your own risk. But that should not worry you – we have experience with all the challenges you could potentially face. We will do all we can to provide you the experience of a lifetime!