Alaska Camp to Camp Expeditions

Some people just don’t get excited when thinking of difficult terrain, heavy backpacks and small backpacking tents. That’s why we have designed our guided Alaska Camp to Camp expeditions. This allows you to travel light and easily through Alaska’s remote wilderness, only carrying a day pack on your shoulders. We have set up a series of comfortable base camps for you. Each camp is a day hike apart from the next one; well outfitted with cots, stoves, camping chairs and other gear that will ensure a cozy stay.


Fast facts

  • Multiple day, outfitted wilderness expedition
  • Only carry a small backpack with your sleeping bag, clothing, water bottle and snacks
  • Sleep in generously outfitted Alaska base camps
  • Bear fence around camp
  • Geocaching: find hidden caches in the area of your camps
  • Rafting day included – all necessary gear provided
  • Perfect for families and youth groups

It’s the combination of comfort and adventure that makes our Camp to Camp Expeditions an unique Alaskan wilderness experience.


Our spacious base camp tents, equipped with cots, mattresses and heaters, are the perfect place to relax after spending a day outdoors, hiking in moderate terrain.


Basic Information

Our guided Alaska Camping Expeditions take place in the different areas of Alaska shown below. We guarantee comfortable camps, beautiful views and competent guides. Often you will be hiking in higher elevations, which does not require any technical skill, just a moderate level of fitness. Gear wise, you just need to bring your personal hiking equipment such as clothing, a backpack, sleeping bag and a few other essentials, like a water bottle – everything else we will provide. After reserving your spot in one of our excursions, we will send you an email with all the necessary information you will need, including a gear list. Please note the number of participants for each trip is limited to ten, so make your reservation for one of these trips as soon as possible via email or phone.

Please choose from the following Camp to Camp Expeditions, or check out our Alaska hiking expeditions for a more intimate experience.

If you are looking for a Camp to Camp Expedition in summer 2016, please contact us immediately.

Brooks Range I: Ribdon River Valley (8 days)

The Ribdon River Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the entire Brooks Range. It is up to 3.5 miles wide and offers magnificent views of mountains and into small side valleys. We will fly you to its headwaters, take a short hike and get a great view of the Lupine River Valley which is close by. The next morning you will start your hike downstream, along the Ribdon River. Each day we will hike around five or six hours; this leaves plenty of time in the afternoon for taking pictures and geocaching (hidden caches are waiting for you to find them).

The excursion ends with a rafting day. We will float out of the mountains into the Arctic Flats, where we will be picked up on the Dalton Highway.


Brooks Range II: West Fork Ivishak (8 days)

The Ivishak River is one of the two largest contributors of the Sag River which flows into the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay. We will fly you to the headwaters of the West Fork Ivishak and hike through a wonderful valley up through an easy pass and down the other side. This valley is not as wide as the Ribdon River Valley (Option I) but the mountains are higher – expect to see some breathtaking peaks!

Our West Fork Ivishak route includes a nice river float into the Foothills and the Arctic Flats on the last day of your journey. The main difference between our two Brooks Range Expedition is the pick-up with the bush plane on the last day of the West Fork Ivishak route; it’s further away from the highway, so you will get the chance to enjoy a second flight over the majestic tundra of Alaska’s North Slope.