About Freedom Trips

We are a guiding company based in Alaska with a focus on backcountry travels and wilderness expeditions – it’s our desire to show you Alaska’s beauty and pristine wilderness away from the highways and major tourist attractions.

Keeping our customers safe and responding to their personal goals are the core values of our organization. Freedom Trips’ management combines years of knowledge, networks and experience with the specialized equipment essential for the unique conditions of remote operations in Alaska. Our guides are well-trained and passionate wilderness experts; their skills and dedication will ensure an inspirational and memorable journey.

At this time, most of our guided trips take place in the Brooks Range and Arctic Alaska. But we also operate in several locations further south, such as the Alaska Range, the Wrangells and the Talkeetna Mountains – and soon we will take our clients to East Africa, Central Asia and other parts of the world.

Although Freedom Trips seasonally employees several guides and other support staff, our operations are primarily managed by Mike McCrary, Bob Gill and Gabriel Gersch.

If you want to find out more about Freedom Trips, check out our services or contact us directly via email or phone. Please follow our Freedom Trips page on Facebook to see more photos and updates. We are looking forward to tailoring your perfect wilderness adventure in Alaska.